Munch-Petersen, Gustaf nights


there are nights when I know much -
when no stars venture to ascend
the black walls of pride -
when all the great cans are broken
without a sound -
when no timid heart can catch the tune
from the gates of orgy -
nights with no prices,
nights void of fear -

there are nights when I know much -
when the unseen rivers are felt
creeping blackly beneath my feet,
carrying silently the directions of the world's caravans -
nights when no man,
and no cry does mean much -
there are nights when the rivers show new ways of life,
only for the proud to use -
for bursting wombs
to blossom,
for dying hearts
to kill -,
silent nights -,
nights for great tribes
to change their path for ever -,
for weapons never heard-of
to be seized by sleeping fingers -,
nights without speech -

nights when strings, rarely touched,
will disturb fate's sleep -,
nights from which
some men shall awake with new eyes
and few words left in their heart -