Munch-Petersen, Gustaf the god of the blood (2 song)

the god of the blood
(2 song)

the old gods are dead,
the old humanities are dead -
the old priests are liars -
the women of the old
are wicked with no soul in their blood -,
the men of the old
are beggars with no will in their blood -
the white blood of the old
is the world's poison
and the dragon before the world's treasures -

I am alone,
I have found no mate,
I am a half,
I am proud,
but I am nothing yet,
l obey and I wait,
and I hide my sword -

I know, the god of goodness
is dead -,
died in his own onliness -
his timidity devoured him
unborn -
I know, the god of goodness
has nothing left -,
owns nothing himself -,
has nothing to give -

I know, the goddess of love
is mouldering away,
withering deep in her own barrenness -
her wine was a sterile fire,
her goldenness an evil shade -
I know, the impoverished goddess of love
has nothing left -
her withered limbs have no heat left
to warm her age -
she has nothing to give -

you dark god
behind -, underneath -!
you severe god,
with black face
and the blood-red hands
and the silent eyes
and the streaming, unhearable voice -,
you dark god,
who was always behind,
you who held forth the others,
the weak ones, the pale and the powerless,
which are now dead,
you dark god,
who was always behind,
you who exerts your power without man's devotion,
you who knows our names,
which we cannot see ourselves -,
show us your face -!
kill the dying powerless gods
from the lost humanities -,
do free us from the nonpotent ashes
of bewildered man -!

in the cleaving paws of the night,
on the white at the bottom of the blood-proud sun,
behind the potent helmet of the gathering moon
I hear the voice -, streaming -
I hear,
and I obey -

but your name,
I want your face,
you with the two streams of life
in your right hand -
and the two black feathers of death
in your left hand,
I want your face,
your name -!

you, the only god -,
you, who was always behind,
underneath -, you who let die
the revengeful jehovah and the allforgiving christ,
you, who has destroyed the joyous realm of mammon,
stand out,
show us your hands -!
we are waiting -,
to obey -
we know, we are nothing apart from you,
give us back the old faculties
from before the reign of man,
give us back our righteous names -,
and our righteous piaces,
give to our men the will towards you,
which is all will,
and the only -,
give to our women the longing for you,
which is all longing -,
and the only -
give to the earth
and the sun and moon
the proportion which is you,
and you only -
we claim everything from you,
we have robbed ourselves of everything -!

o, we know that happiness is not in
your eye,
we know that blessed love is not in
your crown -,
we have caught your streaming voice
from far-off -!
we want your sway upon our blood,
we want reality, which is you,
we want the right,
not love nor joy,
you are our want,
you to come in our hands, our eyes,
you to wander, swaying, through our veins -
we know you,
o, we know you,
you black god of rightness -,
do crush our earth between
the fingers of your right hand -,
let come forth the marrow of our ill-used earth,
still waiting -
we, the last men and women of this earth,
we beg you to take our nakedness and
rule us again -!
o, black god, we beg you to give us back your severity
over our crippled blood,
we beg of you, o god,
nothing but the sight of your two hands -,
the two streams of life
and the black feathers of death,
we want your sword to wander among us
as before the reign of man -

we men of god,
we won't be reigned by anointed men,
we, the men of god,
we want back our righteous chief -
- the men of god do want you
god -!