Munch-Petersen, Gustaf warning


why do you return
to me -?
now there are no fetters left
for you to seek
and grasp and rule me by -
why do you return -?
all returning is wrong -
now I am a thousand times
more dangerous -
now all the dikes
are broken -
and the ways of my flood
are unknown even to my own
notcaring eye -
and now
all generosity of my heart
has gone,
and my old fountain
of tenderness is dry -
so why do you return -?
there is nothing left
in me of that,
which you care for -
there is only
a dark, stained will
of destruction left,
which I cannot guide
and am not willed to
any more -
so what do you return
for now -?
even my sight of you
is dim by now -
but come,
come -
what do I care -