Munch-Petersen, Gustaf proposal


this is me -
this is, what I
from the mate,
which is to be mine -:

when she is near me,
we shall be born from god -,
when I am with her,
we shall beget the prince,
for whom the world is waiting -

when I leave her,
to risk my life with my icy fate,
her pride shall conquer
easily her womb -

when I beg her to heal
my tired-to-death despair,
with steel-hard courage,
shall show me again and again
the way which may hold out
the destruction of me,
her man -
her eye
shall be the merciless
killer of my will to die -
her foot
shall be the burning sceptre
to my victorious joy -
her life
shall be the voice
of my blood -
I shall call her
my woman -