Munch-Petersen, Gustaf my evening has come

my evening has come

here I sit -
looking into my flickering fire
before me -
outside the tent
my enemies are whispering
to each other -
I was the victor always -
I could never be conquered -
they could not touch me -

here I sit -
the all-embracing serenity
on me -
always my deepest desire
was fulfilled -
my success is still as clean, as new ice -
I was always able to take
my soul's want -
I was able
to make of my self what I wanted -,
what I must -

I could never be conquered -
I was always the victor -
here I sit -
with my legs crossed, looking
with far-off eyes into my own fire -
outside the tent
the hatred goes on whispering -
to night I shall be murdered -
I -, the victor -,
I who couldn't be conquered -
my unpierceable quietude embraces everything
like the first mother -
here I sit -
with my tent around me -
my evening has come -