Munch-Petersen, Gustaf now I know you

now I know you

I know you -
you have betrayed me -
your arms were warm
but your heart was white
and poor as steel -

I know you -
you have used me -
you wanted to sell
my will -
but do know -:
your prey shall be
the snake of my
righteous anger -,
when your feet will turn
down the path towards the market
of my enemies,
you'll have but the poverty
of yourself to sell -

do know -:
your own people you can't deceive -,
know your want, they feel
your naked soul in their hands -

I know you -
when smiling
into my enemies' faces,
your prey
shall be the unstained dagger
of the upright purity which you
could not love,
when you feel
the coins of your price
in the hands of your cunning,
in that moment, betrayer,
you'll have upon
your adorable neck the rising power,
you couldn't conquer -
you'll know,
that offering lips can be wounded,
the law
of the blood has never

been broken -

I know you -
be safe -,
you have nothing to lose -
have betrayed,
but the will
you could rob of nothing -