Munch-Petersen, Gustaf the song of the useless

the song of the useless

no wine don't help
nothing -
we have tried that too -
its gentleness is not
cruel enough -
there is nothing untried
to us -
don't wait
for notcoming cure -!
rather take all your
defects and hold forth
as ugly and
disgusting, as you ever can -,
the quite whole of
your scanty defects -
perhaps it'll help -
no wine in the world
really don't help
nothing -

we are quite a lot of us,
we will go all over the world
carrying an enormous banner
of disgusting rottenness
with us - who can tell,
perhaps it'll help -
we are quite a lot -
and no wine
will never help -
what we
have got, is not very enticing -
don't hide it away -!
do show it
high over the world
as a banner of future,
mightier than
oppressive beauty -!
perhaps it shall
be able
to kill all lying happiness
with sound disgust -