Munch-Petersen, Gustaf modest love-tune

modest love-tune

ah -, I've found something -!
ah -, I love my flesh and my bones -
and my sweat and my marrow bones -
my body does give
me, what I want -,
my body denies me,
what I shouldn't want -

my body is no female body,
my body is not a price
to be paid for anything -
my body is no worker,
my body isn't no handle
of any machine -
and not the servant
of any prayer -
my body is me,
ah -, I love you, my shoulders, my knees -!

I do feel well
in your company -,
you can't be flattered,
it is done -,
I can't be touched,
when I am with you -,
I'm glad, I've caught you at last,
you -,
me -!