Munch-Petersen, Gustaf the thief

the thief

brother -,
the pale-dim love,
who comes to you,
when luxuriously you are spread
behind the dark-blue shield of your sleep -,
do drive her away -!

she is the queen of the pale-blooded king,
she has come,
to steal your proudest weapon -
drive her away -!
she has come
to empty your purpie quiver,
and give you in
her pale-blooded poison -
do drive her away -!

brother -,
if you open your lids
to her pale-dim beauty,
your eyes shall
be filled with the treacherous fog
from her glimmering womb -
do drive her away -!
when she comes through
the yielding night,
and pushes away your shield -,
remember her husband,
the king of
the slave-flogging fools -!

when she comes,
o, brother -,
her eyes will be white -
o, brother -,
do never forget
your own firm-bodied giver of pride,
your own slaving princess
of your own royal race,
though slaving to-day -!

don't forget, dearest brother -,
the power in the dark-blue shield,
given you by the bright-glowing day
of your own royal people -,
though slaving they are
to-day -!

don't forget, when she comes,
the pale-dim beguiler,
the infallible judgement
from your own royal blood,
the unseen sun -!
o, brother -