Munch-Petersen, Gustaf the mother's death

the mother's death

my mother parted
the string of the universe from me,
bearing me a closed person,
but she left the string
of intention, her person's pride -

with the string
of her womb * round my neck
I went,
would create the growth of the star
with my young man's fingers -
round my neck the intention
of person -

I ran to my woman,
I pulled at the string unknowingly
with my young blood -
I ran to my woman,
the string of the unfreed flesh
round my blood -

I would give the star
with my soul,
and I wanted my body
to be given me -
my poverty
the poverty of the unborn -

I parted my blood
from my flesh and I ran
to my woman -
I gave with my soul,
and I stole with my flesh,
and my blood was behind
silent -

I tore the soul of my woman,
I gave her my soul away
and failed -
and wept, the string
round my neck, proud
as ice -

I have killed my mother -
I hear the stream -, the ice
is thrown over -
I am black as blood,
I am silent as
sun and moon together,
my voice swept away with the broken ice -

I hear the stream of creation,
not mine, not yours, not hers -
I have killed my mother -
my soul stands upright in the flood
like an otter * -
the star is soft as silver
down in the flood -

my face is finished,
and the tree of sleep
is waiting -
the stream is silent -
my tongue stands vibrating
in the dead heart
of the angry intentions of
all persons -

the stream of creation
is climbing on unheeding * paws *
towards me -
my face is closed round itself
like the jaws of life -