Munch-Petersen, Gustaf hunting-song


I am no human -
the pace of my blood
is alien to all that is human -
I despise the ready-made limits and
the mercy from fear,
I hate the mouldering * separatenes
and the gelded * mass-will
of the human -

I am no human -
I adore my forcing desire
to destroy the want to build monuments
to strangle the insane need to rule
the detestable lust of submission *,
to stab the hateful want
to glorify all dying -

I am no human -
I am blind to
the greatness of mankind
except the black nerve
deep through the flesh of all living -
I have no faith
in the future of mankind
except in
the burning rhythm
quivering * merciless
through the will of all living -

I am no human -
my cat-soft soul
is always on guard to shun
the track of all human -
the scent of my blood
is hostile to all that is human -
but -, alas -, I love
the dance in every foot of life,
o, I love
the song in the eyes of every fire,
and -, alas -, I can't but
bow in the dust
to each hand of creation
and every womb * of love -

I am no human -
the raving dread
of all that is human
had driven me
step by step
deep into the forests of hatred -
but now I have triumphed -,
my voice has forgotten all words -,
my love
has made the forests my home -
I have found the fire
of my own rock -,
I have acknowledged
my seed of future -
at last -