Munch-Petersen, Gustaf sleeping murmur

sleeping murmur

dark bosom of mine -
god has taken his seat
in my dark bosom -
o world, let god live -
o world -

the voice, against which
I always have to listen,
the voice is telling me, incessantly
that a world of burning secrets
is to find
there in the deep, where
god has pleased to crouch
in the soft silence
of life -

people of the world,
I want to death, that
you should long towards
the dark spreading deep,
towards the dark unknown soil
in the bosom of mine -
people of the world,
go and tell me,
what is in the
dark unknown bosom of mine -

god is nourishing on
my joy and my sorrow -
people of the world,
I beseech you, give
to me an eternal life -!
people of the world,
let god live -!
people of the world,
forget yourself, and give
your children to drink the milk of the sun,
the innumerable secrets
of the fire, and god's heart
of lust -

people of the world -!
go and tell me,
what is in the
dark bosom of mine -
forget yourself and
give to your children
the fulfilling,
eternally waiting deep, where
god crouches in
waiting silence of life -