BREV TIL: Eli Fischer-Jørgensen FRA: Stephen Anderson (1997-12-01)

Yale University

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December 1, 1997

Prof. Eli Fischer-Jorgensen University of Copenhagen Kongestien 45 Virum, Denmark

Dear Eli:

The Department of Linguistics is conducting a search to fill a tenure position in Phonetics. The appointee should have a proven record of excellence in teaching and in research that bridges the study of speech as an external, physical phenomenon and its abstract linguistic organization (phonology). In line with our interest in developing the study of Linguistics as an aspect of the study of the mind, the appointee should be prepared to teach courses and conduct research bearing on the cognitive underpinnings of speech and its relation to language. He or she will be responsible for maintaining and developing our relation with the Haskins Laboratories, a unique and invaluable resource for the study of phonetics and related areas in the Yale community.

Candidates for tenure appointments at Yale are expected to stand in comparison with the foremost leaders in their fields throughout the world. Our final recommendation will be based primarily on the prospects that a candidate will continue to make distinguished contributions to the advancement of knowledge. The candidate's qualities and promise as a colleague, university citizen and especially as a teacher are also very important considerations. While recognized achievements to date are essential in estimating accomplishments, we are prepared to consider all evidence of the potential for significant achievement in the case of scholars at earlier stages of their careers.

The Department would like your assistance in identifying outstanding contributors to this field. We are interested in learning of those who have already had a major impact and those who are emerging as leaders in the field. Since Yale is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, we would be especially grateful if you could suggest appropriate women or members of minority groups. Although detailed evaluations are not necessary at this time, it would be helpful if you could make brief comparative comments about the achievements and potential of those you mention.


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As you may know, Prof. Louis Goldstein, a non-tenured Adjunct Associate Professor in our Department, is at a stage in his career where an appointment to tenure might be considered. It would be helpful to us if you could also indicate how Goldstein is viewed in compari son with the established and emerging leaders you have identified. You should know that all candidates will receive the same careful consideration and that the Department is committed to appointing the best possible person.

At this stage we are primarily seeking your view of the strongest participants in this field. Later in the process we may ask you for a more detailed evaluation of one or more of these individuals. Your response will be most useful to us if it reaches me by mid-January; please feel free to contact me by electronic mail (<stephen.r. ander>) , if this is more convenient than writing a conventional letter, or telephone (203 432-2456), or FAX (203-432-4087). On behalf of the Department of Linguistics I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen R. Anderson Professor of Linguistics (Chair)